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Often the circumstances that prompt a house clearance are very stressful.  Our courteous, professional approach and comprehensive services aim to reduce your stress and make the process as uncomplicated as possible for you the customer.

Whilst you browse these pages, we will attempt to answer all your questions, enabling you to understand how the house clearance process works and helping you to become a little more familiar with our business and all that we do and can offer in the line of clearing your properties’ and valuing your antiques.

You can count on us!

Do you want a fully licensed and insured house clearance company?

Do you want a reliable house clearance company that always turns up on the day and has never let a customer down?

To find out how our house clearance process works, please read our in-depth clearance guide before getting your free quotation today!

We never forget that we are dealing with peoples’ loss, feelings or possessions that hold sentimental memories.

We save the environment!!

Well not quite, but Cornwall House Clearances being a professional and reputable house clearance company will certainly do our best to help this cause.  With waste management costs for any waste carrier being so high, recycling as much as possible really is an economic necessity.

Although time consuming, Cornwall House Clearances will do our utmost to make sure as much as possible does get recycled from any house clearance undertaken rather than just end up at a landfill site.

Any company that carries waste, be it household waste, or other waste, must be registered with the Environment Agency.  At Cornwall House Clearances, we carry a Waste Carriers’ Licence issued by them.